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Roger Williams

MD & Chief Investment Officer

Econ. Sc. (Hons), CFA


Roger displayed entrepreneurial flair from a young age setting up a business at the age of 15 and investing the savings in the stock market. Whilst studying Actuarial Science at university he became fascinated by the science of card counting becoming an accomplished blackjack player from which he retired at the age of 22 to travel the world and then move into the far more exciting world of financial markets.


He worked for 4 years at Liberty Asset Management, firstly as an equity analyst and then as part of a four-member team responsible for managing R30bn in assets. At the age of 29 he set up Centaur Asset Management.


He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge from over 30 years of investment experience, and has been instrumental in developing Centaur Asset Management’s unique investment models, giving the company the ability to outperform the stock market.